Friday, May 25, 2012

...Aaaaaand back again.

This blog has seen a lot of different faces, with only a few posts each. Honestly, it's freakin' hard to find the time to write for fun in graduate school, much less find the time to think about what to write. There's so much writing (and reading) that goes along with school anyways, that by the end of the day when all the work is done (hah! The work is NEVER done) there aren't any more words to put to paper. Frankly, there just isn't anything I wanted to share with the world, let alone with my own fiance. Graduate school is tiring. Those of you out there who are thinking of going back to school, heed this warning: You reap what you sow. Graduate school is a very unique experience, and you truly get out of it what you put in. Take it from someone who is very used to working 11-14 hour days, 6-7 days a week. The work pays off, though, because I'm one of only a handful of people that I know that finished a thesis-based Masters program in 2 years + 1 semester, let alone a hard science thesis-based program. Oh, and we set up a lab, and started our projects from scratch. Damn straight. It can be done, but keep in mind the sacrifices you will have to make.... like hobbies. And sleep.

OK, enough of THAT rant. The reason I'm here writing today is that yesterday, I officially submitted my thesis to the graduate school. YAY! What does that mean? Well, that means 2 years of sweat, blood and tears (literally on all three accounts) and 86 pages later, I am mostly done with my degree. Yes, mostly. There's still a bit of paperwork, and editing the 2 chapters that will be submitted for publication in scientific journals, but it's still mostly done! Now I can sit back, relax, and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before heading back out into the world.... Yeah, right.

I'm not going to say anything like "I vow to write everyday", because we all know how well that works as a motivator, but I am going to try my VERY BEST to write more often. I miss writing. I miss writing for the fun of it, for expressing my views and opinions with others. I spend most (all) days alone in the house in a new city now, or outside running errands, but when PB comes home from work, all I want to do is TALK to him. I know he doesn't always want to talk after working all day, so I need a new outlet. And so I return to blogging.

I know I have like, zero followers at this point, and I wouldn't follow me either based on my track record of writing, but it would be great to talk to someone (anyone!) again, and here's where I start. :)

OK, now it's off to the gym and grocery shopping to find things to put in our new KitchenAid blender. :) After our GE kicked the bucket the other day ($35 piece of crap), we opted to spend a little more and get some that will (hopefully) last. At least, something that will last long enough that they will make replacement parts for it!