Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So yeah..... about that blog....

Firstly, excuse the randomness of this post. I've been typing numbers all day, and sometimes words just need to come out of my fingertips instead of math.

OK, let me level with you. I know I have no readership. No one out there in the real world gives a damn what I say, so I can do or say whatever, right? And I can abandon my blog for months at a time and no one will care, right? Absolutely. Except that I miss writing. Since I've started grad school, I feel like I've done nothing but write. But I write about all of the science-y things that, frankly, no one cares about. I care, maybe a handful of other people care, but realistically, who really cares how cane toads behave? Why should be care about how animals behave at all?

Because. It's. Awesome.

Animal behavior is one of those things that is just so intricate, so complicated and so complex, that it's a little like looking in a broken, colored mirror. Learning about why animals do the things they do makes you (or at least me) think a little more about why we humans do the things we do. What is the motivation? Why bother to move or think or act at all? Why not just lie there and wait for something to happen?

I love to study learning. I really do study learning in all capacities. From teacher to scientist and back to teacher again, learning embodies everything I am and everything I do. Learning in every capacity is exactly what I'm good at, exactly what I'm passionate about. Being able to learn about life, our life, the Earth's life, is what I try to do at every instance of my life. It's the passion that drives us to work crazy long hours, and to spend too much time staring at a computer screen. The passion to know more about a particular topic, a particular brand of identity. Everyone has something that defines them, some ability or goal or achievement that defines them as a person, or by which they have defined themselves to others. Mine is learning. Definitely learning.

I'm at an impasse of my current life. I am nearly done with my Master's degree, about to make a large purchase with my fiance, and later this year, marry that man and call him my husband. 2012 is a big year for me, for us, and it holds many achievements and large life events. Well, at least if the world does end in December, I'll have a graduate degree, own property, and be married. Not too bad for my 27th year on this planet, huh?

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