Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sniffling and Sneezing @ SXSW

Ugh!! I hate being sick!! I recently went to visit my momma in Chicago, and she caught a cold a little bit before I got there. "Don't worry," She said, "I'm almost over it, I doubt I'm contagious." Two days later as I was getting on the plane back home, I was sniffling. The day after that, I was coughing. Now, it's 5 days later, and I'm full blown sick. What's even worse, I got PB sick too. He's all stuff and congested, plus has a sunburn from some "planning retreat" he had at work on Thursday (a.k.a let's drive around the big boss's ranch and see the safari-animals-turned-rugs, shoot guns, and stare at land). Hehe, he looks like a big red tomato, especially his neck! So yeah, we're sitting on the couch on the last day of SXSW, eating through tissues and browsing the internets like ya do. Well, at least we made it out this morning for errands, haircuts and sushi. Still a successful day if you ask me!

My good friend and her BF and staying with us this week so they can participate in the music madness that is 6th St, and she just txted me and asked if I have a sore throat. I told her that's how it begins.... uh-oh. Looks like our whole department will have it by next week. Thanks mom, for passing on the Chicago cold of DOOM!!!

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