Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toys! Toys! Toys!

I was so worried that I wasn't going to have anything to write today, and then I have a marvelous conversation with PB about wedding themes that I just had to share! We were originally aiming towards a build-your-own-lego thing centerpiece, kind of like this:

We thought that it would be cute and fun since we both loved legos as kids, and it would give guests something to do while they were waiting for food. I am really into paper flowers rights now, and I wanted to incorporate those into the centerpieces too. Tonight while we were on the phone, PB suggested that we could somehow use his old Star Trek and Magic playing cards too, if we wanted..... which gave me a brilliant idea! Each table could be themed around a different childhood toy that we love(d)! We quickly came up with a list, which is really representative of the full spectrum of what childhood was like in the late 80s and early 90s:

Here are our tables, whose favorite toy, and inspiration for the centerpiece:

1. Barbies (me) - I'm thinking vases full of bright pink shoes!
2. Legos (both) - The build-your-own option, or maybe some lego flowers
3. Playing cards (PB) - we'll use his old game cards to build an intricate house or other structure for the table
4. Computers (both) - we'll incorporate an old shoebox mac (my first computer!) and random PC parts for him
5. Video Games  (both) - There will be Mario, Final Fantasy, and Starcraft galore XD
6. Dinosaurs (both, but mostly PB) - Land before time movie and puppets (yes, I have them all!)
7. Trains (both, but mostly PB) - My favorite book, Freight Train, plus all of PB's models from childhood
8. Fairytales (me!!!!!) - I loved Disney movies as a kid, but we thought this might be a little too cliche, so I decided to go with the fairytale theme instead. Rapunzel, Twelve Dancing Princesses, and the Frog Prince (pre-Disney) to name a few of my favorites.

Other ideas also include books, crafts, and bicycles (though they might be trickier to do). I'm not sure how many tables we'll need, but I think this looks like a good start. The best part is, both of our parents are hoarders of our childhood stuff, so most of the raw material for these centerpieces is laying around our parents' houses! El Cheapo to the rescue!

I don't know how we're going to put these together to make them look classy, but right now I don't care - the wedding is almost 2 years away, and I'm just excited to have a theme!! :)

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