Monday, March 21, 2011

The Uber Monday... the one after Spring Break

Normally, I don't hate Mondays. I look forward to starting the work week off on a good foot, because I usually try to "tidy up" on Friday afternoons. Whether it be projects, papers, grading, or research stuff, I try to leave everything in a good place, so that when I come back to it on Monday, it's ready and waiting for me to dive in! This Monday, however, did not go so well as planned. In fact, it was downright crummy. I didn't get to go check on my toads, I flubbed a bit during my first lecture, and I had to dash across campus to a meeting that was apparently pushed back (we got the email while I was in class, 20 minutes beforehand). *Le Sigh*. I hate Mondays.

Hopefully, tomorrow should go better. I gave my Texas BFF and Labmate my super awful head cold, so she spent the day looking like she should be in bed. :( Sorry LB!

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